Announcing the New Sintered Glass Surfaces Mont Blanc & Mont Black!

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc & Mont Black are unique glass surfaces that are manufactured through the process of sintering. The slabs are processed by compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction. Precision controlled high temperatures along with pressure are used to soften the glass. Once the glass is soft enough, it is pressurized into a mold. This process is essential to the sintering of Mont Blanc & Mont Black since grain-boundary diffusion and volume diffusion rely heavily upon temperature. This entire process gives Mont Blanc & Mont Black the joint strength and quality of both stone and glass.

Mont Blanc and Mont Black are non-porous and impervious surfaces, that makes them a great option for innumerable spaces and applications. They will not absorb stains and won’t fade in quality or sheen. They can be applied indoors or outdoors and are ideal for flooring, walls, paneling, and counters. They are a uniquely versatile material with high performance that bring elegance to any design. You will find them anywhere from luxury residences to modern retail spaces, and often in sustainable LEED projects.

Following requests from clients, we were able to develop new finishes for the Mont Blanc & Mont Black sintered glass slabs. We are always seeking to develop materials that help achieve sustainable design.

Ofer Mizrahi, founder of COVERINGS ETC.

Mont Blanc and Mont Black are environmentally friendly products designed using naturally occurring and recyclable materials and are manufactured with the concern for the environment and conservation of natural resources.

Mont Blanc and Mont Black are offered in finishes; Polished, Honed, & Grist.

Available in three standard thickness: 1⁄2” , 3⁄4” , 1 1⁄4” 

Source: Coverings ETC


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